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5 Sweet Date-Night Ideas (No Date Necessary)

February 12, 2020 | by Emily Hwu
5 Sweet Date-Night Ideas (No Date Necessary)


Aisles stocked with candy, chocolate kisses & sugary pastel hearts may leave you wondering… what’s in this holiday for me?? The cupids at Fat Snax HQ have got you covered.

Brace yourself, because you’re about to fall in LOVE with our v-day date ideas. And, yes, treating yourself to a date still counts!

Whether you’re spending the night with a significant other, BFF, family member, or YOU, these ideas are sweet as can be & keto-friendly too. 


1. Sweetheart sundae bar. 

What do you get when you cross a keto pint with a brownie bite? A dreamy treat that will make you forgot you're not on an all-expense-paid couples cruise.

Set out a tray of ice creams and brownies, bowls of toppings, & keto whipped cream—then dig in!



2. Homemade very-berry treats. 

Dress up Lemony Lemon cookies with a fluffy pink filling for treats that are just as indulgent as they are romantic.

Prep these cookie sammies ahead of time so you can devour them as a dessert post-candlelit-dinner.



3. Dreamy drive-in. 

A drive-in movie date in the middle of February may not be an option, so DIY your own drive-in!

Grab blankets & pillows and camp out on your living room floor. Toss on a rom-com, and don't forget the snacks!!! 


4. Chocolate-covered [insert favorite snack].

Most opt for strawberries, but we believe that every snack is perfect for a chocolate bath. Melt your favorite keto chocolate in the microwave in 30-second intervals. 

Then, dunk some cookies or blondies in that beautiful chocolate lava, or spoon it straight out of the bowl. Fondue what ya gotta do…


5. Breakfast in bed.

We know we told you these were date night ideas, but who says you can’t start the holiday fun with the rise of the sun? Treat yourself, or someone you love, to a relaxing morning. 

You don't even need to cook! Might we suggest coffee & Fat Snax? 

We hope our ideas put some love in the air. If you take any of our snacks out for a night on the town, send us a pic at @eatfatsnax or! 💕