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About Us

Here at Fat Snax, we're dedicated to making the world's best tasting snacks. But, here’s the catch: they’re good for you too. That's because we believe that eating healthy should never mean compromising taste.

We use simple, clean ingredients and rigorous taste testing to ensure that our customers get the most delicious snacks that fit their lifestyles. Whether it’s a salty snack on your way out, a sweet treat after a long day, or anywhere in between—Fat Snax has got your back.

A Message From Our Founder

It wasn't until I turned 45 that I started living a low-carb lifestyle. Almost immediately, I felt younger and healthier than I had in years. I started crushing my kids at tag. Eating fat was fun… or was it?

Unfortunately, as I looked to limit my intake of sugar and carbs, I realized that great keto snack options simply didn't exist. I kept going to my pantry at night and loading up on my kids’ cookies!

After learning that my fellow keto friends were struggling with the same issue, I took to the kitchen for some hard-core baking action. After a full year of recipe development, I launched Fat Snax in 2017.

Fat Snax is dedicated to making delicious keto foods, and I hope you give us a try.

- Jeff Frese

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