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Keto Gluten-Free No Sugar Added

The Thomas DeLauer Keto Snack Pack

$59.99  $49.99   + Bonus Meal Plan
12 reviews
Meal prep with Thomas DeLauer! This limited-edition bundle comes with an 8-count Variety Pack of crackers (16 servings), a 12-count Variety Pack of soft-baked cookies (24 total cookies), and a downloadable meal plan created by none other than keto expert, Thomas DeLauer.

Upon purchase of this bundle, you’ll receive an email with your meal plan PLUS unlock two meal prep videos featuring Thomas—so that you can follow along in making a week of delicious, fat-fueled meals (including dessert!) You'll learn how to make the most delicious whoopie pies, how to prep the perfect salmon, and more.  

Whether you're just starting off on keto/low-carb, or if you're a keto expert looking for some delicious new meal ideas, you've come to the right place: this bundle is packed with delicious Snax and keto hacks. #FatYeah!®
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Why Fat Snax?

We believe that your snax should be jam-packed with fats, clean ingredients, and a double dose of deliciousness. Every bite, crunch, & munch is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Savor the Crunch...

Savor the Crunch...

"I LOVE these crackers! Thick enough for dip, but they all have wonderful flavor alone too. They are not gritty at all and really satisfy the keto crunch cravings. The EVERYTHING crackers tho! OMG! Thank you Fat Snax!"



...and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

...and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

"The cookies are incredibly moist, very satiating, and evidently made with quality ingredients. I highly recommend trying Fat Snax's products because they are life-savers for anyone that wants to enjoy a lil treat, without having to sacrifice their health."



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