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Keto Gluten-Free 1-2g Net Carbs*

The "Cinnamon Bagel" Bundle

$29.99  $23.98 

Show-stopping Snickerdoodle Cookies + Everything Crackers = Something like a cinnamon sugar bagel… KETO STYLE 🥯⭐️

We combined our two Fan Favorites into one delightful snack pack that’s bustin’ with flavor. Treat your sweet tooth with 3 pouches of Snickerdoodle Mini Cookies, & get a salty, pick-me-up crunch with 3 pouches of Everything Almond Flour Crackers. 

As a reminder, all of our Snax are keto-friendly, gluten-free & have NO added sugar. #FatYeah! Nutritional Information & Ingredients

🔥Available for a limited time until April 9th!🔥

This product is SOLD OUT.

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Why Fat Snax?

We believe that your Snax should be jam-packed with fats, clean ingredients, and a double dose of deliciousness. Every bite, crunch, & munch is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!