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Keto Gluten-Free No Sugar Added

The Sweet & Savory Stack

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It's time to give in to both your sweet & savory sides. Treat yourself to our crunchy, munchy crackers AND our fudgy, love-y brownies. Because we know you're a dynamic snacker, we're letting you taste an 8-count Variety Pack of our Almond Flour keto crackers plus a 16-count box of our Brownie Bites at a 20% discount. 

With our Snax, you also don't have to choose between tasty and good-for-you: our keto-friendly, gluten-free treats have got your health and tastebuds covered. #FatYeah!®

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Why Fat Snax?

We believe that your snax should be jam-packed with fats, clean ingredients, and a double dose of deliciousness. Every bite, crunch, & munch is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Savor the Crunch...

Savor the Crunch...

"I LOVE these crackers! Thick enough for dip, but they all have wonderful flavor alone too. They are not gritty at all and really satisfy the keto crunch cravings. The EVERYTHING crackers tho! OMG! Thank you Fat Snax!"



...and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

...and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

“These are hands down the best keto brownies I have ever tried! And I have tried sooo many different kinds, including trying to bake my own. They not only help me stay within my carb and glucose limit, but help curve my sweet tooth. Thank you Fat Snax for developing such a delicious and healthy treat!”



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