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Keto Gluten-Free Sugar-Free

Big Cracker Pack

$89.98  $71.98 

Stock up on your favorite everyday keto crackers. Our Big Cracker Pack has 3 boxes of crackers (aka, 72 servings!!!) to turn your pantry into a full-blown party. 

You'll get 1 box (8 pouches) of Original Sea Salt, 1 box (8 pouches) of Cheddar, and 1 boxes (8 pouches) of Everything. That's more than enough to top your salads, dunk into guac, slather in peanut butter, and stuff your mouth for daaaays

These gluten-free, keto crackers are definitely what you need to step up your snacking game. Crunch and save: stock up for a whopping 20% off.

This product is SOLD OUT.

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Why Fat Snax?

We believe that your snax should be jam-packed with healthy-fats, clean ingredients, and a double dose of deliciousness. Every bite, crunch, & munch is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

About cookies

five stars rating

"The cookies are incredibly moist, very satiating, and evidently made with quality ingredients. I highly recommend trying Fat Snax's products because they are life-savers for anyone that wants to enjoy a lil treat, without having to sacrifice their health."


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About Bites

five stars rating

“These are hands down the best keto brownies I have ever tried! And I have tried sooo many different kinds, including trying to bake my own. They not only help me stay within my carb and glucose limit, but help curve my sweet tooth. Thank you Fat Snax for developing such a delicious and healthy treat!”


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