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Taking a Moment To Say Thank You

Dear Fat Snax family, 

We have been so busy growing the past few months that I feel I haven’t gotten a chance to connect with you, our customers, and express my sincere appreciation. I’m deeply grateful for the incredible support and feedback that we have received since launching Fat Snax earlier this year. For those of you that have ordered our cookies for the first time, your willingness to take a risk on a new company means the world to us and I hope they were every bit as tasty as you imagined. And for those of you who shared with friends, we hope they returned the favor!

This community and way of life just keeps getting more fun. Every day we receive feedback, ideas, and success stories from our customers that not only make us smile but energize us for the future. It’s that feedback that helps us improve, and it’s those interactions that make this mission so much fun.

Fat Snax was launched to help make a keto or low carb lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. I’m passionate about the massive social good that a high-fat, low-carb lifestyle can bring: Boosting productivity in the workplace, improving physical health, losing unwanted pounds, removing symptoms for children with epilepsy, and helping bring an end to metabolic disease. (Just to name a few!)

And alas, we’re busy growing. We aren’t just making snacks that meet your macros—our mission is to make snacks you love so much that you tell your friends, gym buddies, followers, colleagues, and spouses. Our Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Ginger Turmeric cookies are just the start. Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure and I can’t wait to show you what other Snax we have in store. 

Best of luck reaching all your goals,


Founder, Fat Snax

Jeff Founder of Fat Snax Ketogenic Snacks with Family

Above, a rare day off: I spent it in New York City with the Family. Things got a little crazy for Spring Holi celebration.