Snax That Don't Bite Back

Snacking should energize you, not slow you down or tire you out. That's why we make our snacks with you in mind. Instead of loading foods with sugar and carbs, our snacks are packed with healthy fats. Those fats energize you and push you to have a better day.

A high fat/low carb diet can increase productivity and aid in weight loss. There is even significant evidence demonstrating that a high fat/low carb diet can end metabolic disease as we know it.
We want it to be as easy as possible to eat Fat Snax. That's why we ship directly to your door. It's also why we offer subscriptions on all our products. We both know you have better things to do than driving to the store and reading 37 labels before finding something healthy. Especially when you could be painting the next Mona Lisa, heliskiing in Alaska, or eating more Fat Snax.