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Your Guide to Fat Snax Cracker Flavors (and Which is Your Perfect Crunch)

July 27, 2020 | by Emily Hwu
Your Guide to Fat Snax Cracker Flavors (and Which is Your Perfect Crunch)


Calling all snack lovers, carb haters, life adventurers, and pantry raiders! Fat Snax Almond Flour Crackers have arrived!!! Gone are the days of itching for a salty snack with a satisfying crunch. With our gluten-free, keto-friendly crackers, you can crunch, munch, and eat a whole bunch 😍

We have three delectable flavors, but which is the one for you? Read on to see which Fat Snax cracker flavor is meant to be (in your tummy)...

Original Sea Salt (2 net carbs)

“Pass the salt!” you exclaim, at every dinner party and date. Along with your high sodium intake, there’s something special about you. You’re a traveller, looking for depth, breadth (but no bread), and meaning. Yes, sometimes you wander off and are quote—unquote “flakey,” but at the end of the day, you have a special way of bringing out the best in people. If you need a travel buddy, Original Sea Salt will happily tag along. 


Cheddar (1 net carb)

“Extra cheese, please!” You’re the center of attention—you simply can’t help it. No one can get enough of you and your sprinklings of cheer. Just make sure to leave time for yourself to sit back, relax, and snack. When you need a reprieve from your poppin' social life, Cheddar will be there to crack some jokes and make your cheesy heart melt.


Everything (2 net carbs)

“Bring it on.” You want it all: every spice, every seasoning. You always add twice the amount of garlic in a recipe for no particular reason. Right now, you’re planning your sister’s baby shower, saving the world, and brushing your teeth all at once. You’re ambitious and daring, and need a snack that can keep up. Everything (but the carbs) is ready to serve you excitement, if only you’ll let them. Not to mention, they remind you of your first love: Mr. Bagelton.

Can’t decide? We know that it’s hard to get to know a new snack without eating it in person. Luckily for you, you can speed-taste all three! Grab your Variety Pack, and see what all the munching’s about.

Get your Fat Snax Cracker Variety Pack 🧡