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The Ultimate Fat Snax Guide to Meal-Prepping Like a Pro

May 19, 2020 | by Prairie Broughton
The Ultimate Fat Snax Guide to Meal-Prepping Like a Pro


You wake up uber-early on Sunday morning and chef-up a giant batch of cauliflower rice, roasted chicken, and tons of veggies for the week. Monday flies by and you’re living the dream. On Tuesday, that grilled chicken looks a little less exciting. By Wednesday, you’re picking away at your sad, soggy vegetables and thinking, “oh man, what I would DO for a bunless burger right now!”

We have deeeeefinitely been there… 

Meal prepping is an absolutely phenomenal way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it’s easy to be discouraged when you’re eating the same thing over and over! While having meals at-the-ready means less time cooking every day, it can also mean way less time enjoying your food if it’s not done right. 

We’ve got your back! Here are some tips from the Fat Snax crew that’ll help you stay on track whether you’re meal-prepping for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro!


Stock up on containers that make you smile:

Just like a new pair of running shoes will rev you up about working out, a new set of fun tupperware is the perfect way to jump-start your meal-prepping journey! Whether that’s mason jars, bento boxes, or containers with pandas on them, find what makes you happy. Every meal will feel like you’re opening a little present!


Plan out meals that excite you:

Meal prepping doesn’t mean that you have to eat boring foods! If you want to make a cheeseburger casserole instead of a salad, we support it 100%. If you eat the foods that you’re excited about, it’ll be so much easier to stay on track, and you’ll be much more likely to avoid other temptations.


Start small:

If it’s your first time meal prepping, start by focusing on one meal for the first few weeks. That way, you won’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed! Start out by making some chia pudding or frittata muffins, and once you’ve mastered breakfast, you can level-up to lunch!


Switch it up every day:

Instead of eating the same exact meal every single day, make a big batch of proteins like ground beef and hard boiled eggs to have on hand for the week. Add these to meals when you're feeling extra hungry, or munch on them as snacks throughout the day.


Look at blogs for inspiration:

There are TONS of weekly meal prep plans available online that are geared toward making your life easier. Browse through a few different plans, then craft up your own using whichever recipes sound delicious! 


Get saucy:

Just because you’re prepping a specific set of ingredients doesn’t mean that you need to make the same exact meal every day. If you have a base set of proteins and vegetables, you can turn them into a taco bowl or a caesar salad just by switching up which sauce you use. Keep a few different sauces on hand to switch it up every day!


Be prepared for cravings:

Meal-prepping doesn't mean that snacking is out of the question. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you’ve got some sweet grab-and-go snacks like Fat Snax on hand for when those cravings strike.

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