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The 7 Greatest Last-Minute Gifts for a Rockin' Keto Holiday

December 20, 2019 | by Abby Power
The 7 Greatest Last-Minute Gifts for a Rockin' Keto Holiday

‘Tis the season for cheesy holiday sweaters, As-Seen-On-TV fiascos, polarizing family game-nights, and of course, gift-giving. That means it’s also time to make space in your sock drawer for the inevitable gift from your serial sock-gifting step-brother (next to the untouched 8-pack that he gave you last year). 😂

You could always pick up sock-puppet-making in 2020... or, you could reference this incredible gift guide and send that stepbrother a few last-minute ideas. All of these gifts will keep ya on keto AND keep everyone on the nice list this year!  

1. For the avocado-obsessed:

A bag of individually gift-wrapped avocados and an avocado saver go together almost as perfectly as (dare we say it?) cookies and milk! If the grocery-store is fresh out o’cados, your local toy store should have you covered with things like avo pillows and avo games

    2. For the cheese connoisseur: 

    A grain-free charcuterie board. Aka, the cheesy spread of your dreams that may or may not turn into the gift that the whole family snacks on. A couple boxes of grain-free crackers and a few big hunks of cheese, and boom, you’re done! 

      3. For the carnivore: 

      A year’s supply of jerky. What better way to spread some holiday cheer than with a massive beef jerky bouquet? A simple basket with a big glittery bow on top will be certain to make even store-bought jerky look gourmet. You may ask: why would anyone do this? We say: why doesn’t everyone do this? 

        4. For the coffee lover: 

        A seasonal, delicious bag of coffee beans and a bottle of MCT oil. If you want to go all-out and gift an at-home café, a milk frother is perfect for making everything from bulletproof coffee to lattes.


          5. For the nutty relative:

          Help them stock up for winter with an assortment of nut butters or a mega-sized jar of nuts. Did you think that nutcracker was just for decoration? This gift is sure to put that soldier to work.

            6. For the butter lover:

            We can confirm that everything is indeed, better with butter, so wrap up a stick or twelve and wait for the happy tears. If you really want to butter them up, include a subscription to the butter of the month club (extra points if you include butter puns on the card).

              7. For the cookie monster:

              A basket full of Fat Snax, obvi. If you truly want to make their heart melt, toss a few brownie bites into the mix, or save those for yourself. We won’t tell!