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Sweet v. Savory Showdown

September 30, 2020 | by Parker Ewing
Sweet v. Savory Showdown


Sweet versus savory. This is, like, your Super Bowl. It’s the ultimate showdown. Maybe you’re the type of snacker who loves a late-night savory snack. Or you’re always craving something sweet after lunch. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between (all the snacks, please!).

Luckily, we’ve made a little quiz sure to settle this debate. Keep track of how many A’s and B’s you get and wait for a surprise at the end!


1. Would you rather... 

A. Dunk Crackers into an Avocado Smash 🤑
B. Eat spoonfuls of Avocado Pudding 🍴


2. Are you indulging in... 

A. A handful of Cheddar Crackers 🧀
B. A slice of Cheesecake 😛

3. Are you diving into...

A. A Chicken Salad Sandwich 🍗
B. A frozen Cookie Sandwich 🍪

4. Is your go-to breakfast… 

A. An Egg Scramble 🍳
B.  Mini Cookie Cereal 😍

5. Are you sipping on...

A. A cup of Warm Soup 🍵
B. A Keto-Friendly Smoothie 🍉

6. Is your favorite fall meal...

A. Crock pot dinners 🍂
B. Give me all the Cookies & Pie 🎃


Wow, that’s some super snackin’! As a reward, eat one Mini Cookie for every “A” answer you picked, and one Cracker for every “B” answer you picked. 

And for all of you still torn between sweet and savory, we came out with an epic bundle so you don’t have to choose. For dynamic snackers like you, we’re giving out a Variety Pack of our Almond Flour keto crackers plus a box of our Brownie Bites at a 20% discount. Treat yourself to our crunchy, munchy crackers AND Our fudgy, love-y brownies. Eat them all. Alternate cracker-brownie-cracker. Do whatever your snacking heart desires. Because this one was made for you. 💙 


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