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Our Favorite Toppings for Fat Snax Cookies (and Their Carb Counts)

January 07, 2020 | by Emily Hwu
Our Favorite Toppings for Fat Snax Cookies (and Their Carb Counts)


We're not saying that Fat Snax cookies aren’t already pure, pillowy perfection on their own, but you’ve been in love with cookies for so long that sometimes you’ve got to jazz it up. With the help of a few mouth-watering toppings, you’ll learn to love Fat Snax cookies in a whole new way. 

Here are our favorite topping ideas that are sure to surprise and satisfy as you dress up your Fat Snax cookies for a night on the town. We’ve also tallied up the total net-carb counts for these combos, including the 1-2 net carbs per cookie, to help you stay on track with your sweet snacks:

1. Peanut butter & nuts (3 to 4 net carbs)

Creamy and dreamy, this topping is a go-to. Whether you slather it on straight from the jar or melt it down to create the perfect drizzle, peanut butter pairs fantastically with a (surprise!) Peanut Butter cookie—and is a great way to sneak in some extra healthy fats along the way. Top it off with a few raw nuts for that satisfying crunch.

Fat Snax Peanut Butter with Toppings

2. Sugar-free chocolate & coconut shavings (3 to 4 net carbs)

Melt down a bar of your favorite sugar-free chocolate onto a Chocolate Chip cookie to create a gooey, chewy treat. Sprinkle on a few unsweetened coconut chips for some extra texture and flavor—it’s like a cookie candy bar!

Fat Snax Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Topping

 (Photo from @theketomom_)

3. Grass-fed cream cheese & blueberries (2 to 3 net carbs):

We love spreading cream cheese on our Lemony Lemon cookies and topping them with a few berries for a pop of juicy sweetness. To make this taste just like a cheesecake, whip up the cream cheese with a touch of stevia!

Fat Snax with Blueberries from Low Carb Traveler

 (Photo from @lowcarbtraveler)

4. Nut butter & cinnamon (3 to 4 net carbs):

Cinnamon never fails to wrap you up in a warm blanket of tingly sweetness, reminding you of the holidays and early mornings. Sprinkle some over your favorite nut butter (we love using creamy almond butter) to create a snacking experience full of depth and romance. To go all out, use a Double Chocolate Chip cookie as your base.

Fat Snax Keto Cookies with Cinnamon Topping

 (Photo from @ketomamaburn)

5. Whipped cream & raspberries (2 to 3 net carbs):

Ahhh, this combo is a breath of fresh air. Plus, the clusters of raspberries create treats that are easy-on-the-eyes: perfect for serving up at summer get-togethers, or just for yourself! To make keto whipped cream, whip together heavy cream, vanilla extract, and sugar-free sweetener. We recommend using a Lemony Lemon cookie to maximize the zip and zest.

Fat Snax Low-Carb Cookies with Fruit

(Photo from @ketoislife)

6. Plain yogurt & more cookies (4 to 7 net carbs):

While this is sure to make a mess, it’ll be the most delicious cleanup of your life. Start with unsweetened coconut milk-based or Greek yogurt—you can keep it plain, or sweeten it up with some stevia. Pro tip: use a combination of cookie flavors, such as Double Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter. With such creamy layers in-between, you’ll want to stack this cookie sandwich to the ceiling!

Fat Snax Keto Snack with Yogurt - Blog


7. Straight up BUTTER (2 to 3 net carbs):

Who needs butter on toast when you can have butter on cookies? The more butter the better, baby, especially when it’s slathered atop a classic Chocolate Chip base. While our cookies are already packed with healthy fats, there’s nothing like the taste of pure butter to top off your cookie and pack in your daily fats—don’t judge us, we’re all Butter Lovers here, after all!

Fat Snax Peanut Butter Cookies with Raspberries

(Photo from @lowcarbtraveler)

Any scrumptious toppings ideas of your own? Send us a picture by tagging @eatfatsnax on Instagram or emailing It always makes our day to see the yummy recipes that our Fat Snax Fam creates ❤️