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New Year, New Us

January 31, 2020 | by Abby Power
New Year, New Us


If you’ve eaten Fat Snax recently, then you may have noticed that something about us has changed. The taste? Nope. Still buttery, delicately sweet perfection. The people? Nah, still the fun-lovin’ Fat Snax fam (we’ll never change).

The difference is that...we’ve rebranded! That means new packaging, a new slogan, and most importantly, a brand new attitude.

Out with the old, in with the blue! 👋🏼

This change reflects a new stage for Fat Snax. We’ve had so much fun growing and learning. Thanks to the help of every single one of our rockstar customers (yes, we’re talking to you 😎), we're more excited than ever to kick off a new decade!

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Fat Snax New Packaging

We’re embracing the pure joy of our cookies with a fun new style. We’re taking pride in the healthy fats packed in our Brownie Bites and Blondie Bites with the phrase “Fat Yeah!” We drew the inspiration for our bold new packaging from our bada** customers who share their incredible stories, and we felt it was only time that our products reflected the attitude of our Fat Snax Family.

We’re working on some incredible new products this year, and we cannot wait for you to try them. If you have any guesses on what we’re planning to launch this year or suggestions for Snax you’d love to see, let us know! 

We are immensely happy to have you in the Fat Snax family. Thanks for snacking with us, through orange and through blue 💙


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