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New Year, Happier You

January 02, 2020 | by Abby Power
New Year, Happier You


2020 already feels like a good year, doesn’t it? There’s something satisfying about those zeros (and not just because the New Years glasses don’t look as silly as they did in 2019).

This year is a hard reset, a leap into an incredible new decade, and most importantly, a blank slate for you to make some positive changes in your life. However, resolutions can be intimidating beasts! Whether you’re trying to learn ukulele, run five miles a day, or maintain a keto lifestyle, it’s easy to fall into patterns of self-doubt and even easier to just give up completely when you slip up. We’ve all been there...

This year, our New Years resolution to you is to provide a framework for your success! Maybe you’re just starting out on a brand new journey and don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you’re circling back to an old resolution. No matter what your goals are, here are a few tips from the Fat Snax team that will help you stay on track this year.

1. Change the way you think.

There are, of course, some guidelines you must follow in order to remain in ketosis. However, your resolutions don’t need to be black and white! Instead of thinking about restriction or dieting, take a step back to re-frame your mindset into something a little softer and more forgiving. Instead of resolving “not” to eat carbs and sugar, focus on being smarter about your dietary choices and getting excited about the things that fit your personal goals. Instead of saying “I can’t eat that,” say “I choose not to eat that because I’m prioritizing myself and my health.” You’re completely in control!

2. Give yourself positive feedback.

We’re all for the idea of “New Year, New You,” but we actually want to propose a bit of a compromise: New Year, Happier You. Resolutions only work in the long-term if you’re enjoying them! If you nosh on some birthday cake to celebrate your best friend and slip out of ketosis, instead of thinking “this was too ambitious and I’ll never be able to keep it up,” think, “my emotional health is important too and I got to share a beautiful moment with a cherished friend. Time to get back on track!” 

3. Preparation is the name of the game.

Fat Snax has you covered here! All you have to do is stock up your pantry with delicious, grab-and-go, keto-friendly treats, and you won’t be tempted by sugary snacks when those sweet cravings start to kick in. It’s important to cover all of your bases, so toss a few packs of Peanut Butter cookies in your bag, bring a box of Brownie Bites to the office, and even stick a few Chocolate Chip cookies in the freezer to make the world’s yummiest low-carb ice cream sandwiches. If you outsmart your cravings, you’re sure to stay on track in the long run. 

4. Create a support system.

Find the people who help you thrive, whether it’s a local squad that hosts keto-meetups or an online group. If you build up a community of people with similar goals, not only will you learn new ways to stay on track, but you’ll almost inevitably make some new, supportive friends along the way. If you’re not sure where to look, the Fat Snax Family Facebook group is the perfect jumping-off point. Maybe you’ll even find a new restaurant buddy in your area!

5. Remember that you’re on a journey.

Maybe you’re looking to lose a little weight. Maybe you want to alleviate the symptoms of a long-term illness. Maybe you’re just looking to feel more clear-headed and energetic. No matter what your goals are, it’s important to think of the keto lifestyle as just that—a lifestyle! It’s not a magic switch, and it takes a little time to get into the groove. If you’re paying attention to the quantitative things like pounds dropping off, it’s easy to be discouraged. Instead, focus on the day-to-day choices that you can control, and you’ll be smashing your goals in no time!