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Let's Make "Linner" a Thing

May 26, 2020 | by Emily Hwu
Let's Make

Being a chronic sleeper-inner, sometimes my first meal of the day’s more likely to happen at 3pm than at noon. Or, on the rare early-riser days, I’ll eat a hearty brunch at 10am and then feel (and hear) my tummy rumbling by 2pm. What in the world is one to do—with an empty stomach yet dinner still hours out-of-view? I have a proposition: 

Let’s make linner a thing.

Enough with “early dinner” or “late lunch.” There’s so much pressure to conform to mealtimes, to sort out your daily consumption into breakfast-lunch-dinner, with the occasional nibble. But, it’s the afternoon, and I want to eat a full meal gosh dang it. The in-between of breakfast and lunch gets its own title, so why shouldn’t our afternoon rendezvous have a name too? 

Imagine the flexibility this concept would impart! Those who awake early could brunch, followed by linner. Those who sleep in could linner, followed by dinner. Snacking in the afternoon would be recognized in its full glory—as a meal all of its own. 

Many cultures already have a version of afternoon meals: the UK has Sunday roasts, consisting of lavish and very, very British plates served at approximately 3:15pm. Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, have afternoon meals called meriendas. Greeks have 4 meals a day, the fourth being “afternoon coffee.” 

Linner can be whatever your heart desires! 


Make it savory or sweet. Make it filling, fat-fueled, and delicious. Have a heaping bowl of yogurt topped with crumbled Fat Snax cookies. A steaming omelette sprinkled with bacon bits. Or, a creamy dreamy slice of ice cream lasagna (are you drooling on your screen or is that just me?) 

Just as brunch has its own menus, restaurants, & aesthetics, linner could develop cultural distinction too. Instead of mimosas, let’s bring in the mojitos. In place of pastel prints, we’ll don our midday sweats with pride. Rather than make it a parade, let’s spend quality-time with our loved ones or ourselves as we munch the afternoon away.

Signing off to prep my sweats and set a date: my Sunday linner awaits.


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