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The Ultimate Keto Gift Guide 🎁

December 04, 2020 | by Parker Ewing
The Ultimate Keto Gift Guide 🎁


An avocado is hard to wrap. We’ve tried. So, what do you get a keto person for the holidays? Your fav keto-friendly brands have gotten together to create the ultimate gift guide! We are all obsessed with each other’s products… and we’re sure you’ll be, too. PS: Enjoy an exclusive discount on all of these goodies that you can only find here.


1. Delicious broth from FOND Bone Broth 🍜

FOND is better than homemade, easy to use, and delicious to taste.

Three things make FOND the most unique:

  1. We banned bland. Everyone knows bone broth is good for you, but it is not always yummy.
  2. We're collagen rich. FOND is an excellent source of collagen, protein and nutrients your body craves and needs.
  3. You can trust us. We know what it's like to be healing from a diagnosis. We know what it's like to worry about your child's nutrition. We know the joy of a delicious and nourishing meal. We know because we've been there. You can trust us to ONLY make decisions that are with your healing in mind.

Use code KETOJOY at checkout for 10% off your order from 12/7 - 12/14.


2. Keto hummus & beans from BRAMI 🧆

The Roman Supersnack. Conquer Hunger. Feel Good.

We reimagined lupini beans, a Mediterranean legume snack that’s packed with plant protein and fiber, but low in calories, carbs and sugar, so that you can conquer hunger and feel good. 

Our first product line - Italian Snacking Lupini Beans - is a modern take on classic lupini beans, which are one of the few (if only) legumes that are keto-friendly. Our second product line is a lupini bean hummus that’s delicious, 0g net carbs (the only keto-friendly hummus available), and shelf-stable, so you can order online!

Use code KETOJOY for 50% off our Sea Salt & Vinegar Lupini Beans, Minis from 12/7 - 12/14.


3. Hot cocoa from KETO BARS ☕️

The original high fat, low carb Keto Bars.

Now selling WARM UPS! A warm, cozy keto beverage designed for keto dieters. Choose from Keto Hot Cocoa and Vanilla Spice.

Our Warm Ups contain 5g of added Collagen Peptides with 0-1g of Net carbs and up to 18g of fat per serving. Both Warm Ups flavors are Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and Nut Free!

Use code KETOJOY for 15% off your entire order from 12/7 - 12/14.

4. Festive snack packs from Fat Snax 🍪 

Life is Butter with Snax. #FatYeah!

Stop scrolling and swap that celery for chocolate chip cookies. Dump that broccoli for cheddar crackers. Join us in doing healthy the fun way! Here at Fat Snax, we’re committed to making delicious sweet & savory treats that fit your lifestyle AND satisfy your cravings. Each of our Snax are keto-friendly, gluten-free, & only 1-3 net carbs* each. 

This year, we’re offering a sampling of our keto cookies & crackers with our mouthwatering holiday bundles! Fill your stocking with our Cookies & Milk Bundle or The Butter Box 🧈

Use code KETOJOY on for 10% off any single-box order from 12/7 - 12/14. 

5. Energy boosts from Keto-BEAM

Here at Keto-BEAM, we want to help you feel better and be your BEST!  

It’s a scientific fact . . . We all need an extra boost of nutrients and electrolytes to thrive. 

With our ELECTROLYZE™ and Micro-BOOST™, we’ve created the ultimate duo to support your Keto journey.  

ELECTROLYZE™ provides all the electrolyte support you'll need to energize your life and sustain a healthy ketogenic experience. 

MICRO-BOOST™ provides necessary micronutrients and essential detoxification support for the body.

Use code KETOJOY for 25% off THE ADVANCED SET from 12/7 - 12/14.

6. Meat treats from CHOMPS 🐄

100% Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Sticks.

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the keto fanatic in your life? Chomps meat snacks are protein-packed and Keto Certified! Our products are made from the highest-quality, sustainably sourced proteins and no hidden, harmful ingredients. Our meat snacks are a simple and convenient, sugar-free source of protein with absolutely no compromise on taste – the perfect treat to put under the tree! 

Our 10-packs make for the perfect sized treat to slip into a stocking, or snag a Variety Pack so your loved ones can try them all! 

Use code KETOJOY for $5 off when you spend $30 
from 12/7 - 12/14. 

Have a joyful holiday season!!! 🎁
💛, Fat Snax & friends