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Keto & Your Mind: Mood, Energy, and Mindfulness

January 20, 2021 | by Parker Ewing
Keto & Your Mind: Mood, Energy, and Mindfulness


Going keto has so many benefits for your body: it can help you meet your weight loss goals, increase the good cholesterol in your body, and reduce your blood sugar levels. The best parts about keto, though, (in our opinion) are all the fantastic things that a keto lifestyle can do for your mind and overall well-being. 

Imagine waking up not only less groggy, but also sharply focused and ready to take on the day. Or tacking on an extra couple of miles to your morning run because you’re feeling energized to push yourself. The keto diet even regulates your body and mind so you won’t feel like you need to take a nap after eating a big meal. 

Here are a few key benefits of going keto (your brain will thank you):

  • Decreases brain fog so you can think more clearly
  • Stabilizes your mood and emotions
  • Increases your energy levels 
  • Reduces fatigue by regulating your blood sugar

One of the best ways to maximize the mental (and physical!) benefits of keto is by practicing the act of mindful eating. But...what is mindful eating? How do you do it? Where do you start? 

What is Mindful Eating?

The way we interact with diet culture can cause us to carry stress, pressure, and false expectations. It’s why we think of things as a “treat” or why we feel like we “deserve” a bite of our guilty pleasure snack, after a long workout. Mindful eating can begin to undo this type of thinking, encouraging us to let go of these harmful mindsets and instead helping us eat according to our natural body weight. The focus isn’t necessarily on changing which foods we eat, but more about changing how we engage with food.

When we’re more aware of our body’s natural processes, our minds are calmer and clearer, which frees us up to make better choices and feel more content about the way we eat. Ultimately, this practice can help us release judgment and be more compassionate with ourselves.

The goal of mindful eating is to transform your relationship with food by focusing on how you eat and why you’re eating. It can help us understand which foods nourish our bodies and encourages a deep appreciation for each meal, bite, and ingredient that we put into our bodies. 

Tips for Mindful Eating

Once we focus on the physical experience of eating, our anxiety, guilt, judgment, and inner commentary begin to subside. And we allow ourselves to be re-acquainted with the simple joy of eating. 

1) Eat slowly.

Savor each bite. Try to see if you can taste each ingredient in your next spoonful.

2) Engage your senses by noticing colors, smells, textures, and flavors.

When was the last time you ate without watching Netflix or sharing all the hot goss with your partner? Try tuning in and paying attention to what you’re eating, instead of eating on autopilot.

3) Practice gratitude for your food.

Think about the process of making your food. Thank yourself for being present in this moment.

4) Listen to your gut.

As kids, we’re often taught, “You can’t leave the table until you finish your dinner!” Focus on recognizing your fullness cues and honoring them. Stop eating once you’re full and focus on how the food makes you feel. 

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