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Keto Recipes to Get You in the Mood for Fall

September 15, 2021 | by Cameron Kao
Keto Recipes to Get You in the Mood for Fall


Anyone else’s favorite season fall? Fall is the season of cold weather, colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, and most importantly...comforting food!! Pumpkin spice lattes, apple pies, and roasted sweet potatoes are just some of the many classic fall foods. As fall approaches, we’ve compiled a list of 5 unique and delicious keto, fall inspired recipes for you!

1) Keto Bacon Roasted Butternut Squash

Calling all bacon lovers!! Roasted together with bacon, this butternut squash recipe by @CastIronKeto is infused with salty, umami, and bacon-y flavors! The tenderness of the butternut squash and crispiness of the bacon pair together perfectly. Enjoy this dish as a side or pair it with your favorite meat to enjoy it as an entree. This recipe might just go bacon your heart!! :)

2) Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Looking for a cozy recipe to enjoy on a chilly day? This chicken pot pie soup recipe by Urvashi @TwoSleevers is a unique take on the traditional pot pie. It’s basically just the filling of a pot pie, but liquified into an even more creamy, silky, and soft consistency. Make this recipe as a meal, side, or even just as a midday pick-me-up when you’re craving something comforting!

3) Apple Cinnamon Sangria

Tangy apples and aromatic cinnamon come together in this recipe to create a deliciously refreshing fall drink! This apple cinnamon sangria by Taryn @JoyFilledEats is a fun and alcoholic take on apple cider. Whenever you feel like winding down, whether it’s after a long day of work or school, make this drink for yourself!

4) GF & Keto Pumpkin Spice Latte Muffins

There’s no doubt that fall isn’t the season of pumpkin spice lattes. These PSL inspired muffins by Paola @GnomGnom are perfectly sweet, spicy, and indulgent. Take these cupcakes up a notch by adding even more cinnamon flavor to them! After baking and frosting the cupcakes, top them with crushed Fat Snax Mini Snickerdoodle Cookies!

5) Low Carb Sweet Potato Casserole

Craving a sweet and indulgent treat? Although this sweet potato casserole is made with zero sugar, it is packed with natural sweetness, a medley of flavors, and healthy fats! Enjoy this dish as a comforting keto dessert or even as an indulgent breakfast! Quick tip: If you don’t have any almond meal, sub it with crushed Fat Snax Almond Flour Crackers!

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