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Spring Brunch Meal Plan

April 14, 2021 | by Cameron Kao
Spring Brunch Meal Plan


Click HERE to download your Keto Brunch Meal Plan. 

Tired of struggling to find keto brunch options at restaurants? We have a solution for you! We’ve come up with a menu full of delicious keto brunch recipes that you can make at home! No more looking through menus at restaurants and searching up on Google if certain ingredients are keto-friendly. Our brunch recipes are 100% keto and enjoyable! So, what are you waiting for? Read through this article and get ready to host your own fully keto brunch extravaganza at home! 

Appetizer 1: Herb & Cracker Deviled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are delicious, but deviled eggs are sinfully delicious! The creaminess from the mayonnaise, crunchiness from the crushed crackers, and spice from the herbs in this recipe create an egg-ceptional explosion of textures and flavors! These deviled eggs serve as a truly eggs-cellent appetizer!!

Appetizer 2: Salmon “Sushi” Rolls

There is no doubt you won’t love how these salmon sushi appetizers roll! Their crunchy cucumber outer layer and creamy avocado, cream cheese, and salmon filling pair perfectly together. This super cute and tasty appetizer is the perfect dish to share with your partner or loved ones at home and impress them!

Entree: Easy Quiche-y

This quick quiche recipe requires only 8 ingredients! Its 3-ingredient crushed cracker crust is perfectly salty and savory, while its 5-ingredient egg filling is perfectly fluffy and creamy! Once you take a bite out of this delicious quiche, you will be sending it hugs and quiches!

Dessert: White Chocolate & Lemon Tart

We couldn’t forget dessert! Finish off your keto brunch with this amazing white chocolate & lemon tart! Rich white chocolate and tart lemon come together in this recipe to create a sweet and indulgent treat! The lemony crushed cookie crust and creamy white chocolate filling create the absolute zest flavor combination!

Following this keto brunch menu is the perfect way to make any morning more fun and tasty! These recipes are flavorful, delicious, and far from boring and bland. We can’t wait to see your keto brunch recipe recreations!

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