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July 2021 Keto Snack Must Haves

July 02, 2021 | by Cameron Kao
July 2021 Keto Snack Must Haves


Looking for delicious keto snacks to fix your cravings? We’ve got you covered! We created a list with 10 of our favorite keto desserts, chips, drinks, and other kinds of snacks. Whether you’re craving something sweet, salty, or refreshing, this list of snacks has something for you! Packed with healthy fats and flavor, these keto snacks are the perfect treats to enjoy and brighten up your day. Find these at your local Whole Foods and get snackin! Fat yeah!

Sweet Snacks

1. Lily’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Layered with a smooth coating of dark chocolate, these chocolate covered almonds serve as the perfect indulgent snack to enjoy when you’re craving something sweet! Although these almonds are made with zero grams of added sugar, they’re made with stevia, a natural zero calorie sweetener. Bring a bag of these delicious keto chocolate covered almonds with you to school or work (or don’t if you don’t want to share)!

2. Creation Nation Cocoa for Coconuts Energy Bite Mix

Need a boost of energy? High in healthy fats and nutrients, these energy bites are the perfect snacks to enjoy mid-day or after a long day of school or work. Make your own personalized energy bites with this dry mix by combining it with your favorite nut butter. Highly suggested tip: store them in the refrigerator or freezer to make them taste like frozen cookie dough!

3. Fat Snax Soft-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don’t have enough time to buy ingredients and bake cookies from scratch? These keto chocolate chip cookies taste like they just came out of the oven. They’re made with almond flour, coconut flour, and butter, which contribute to their heavenly soft and chewy texture. Pair these cookies with a tall glass of keto-friendly milk and enjoy!

Salty Snacks

4. Moon Cheese Gouda Snack

Did you grow up eating cheese puffs or Cheetos? These gouda puffs are basically a ketofied version of Cheetos. Their airiness, crunchiness, and cheesiness are all factors that make them  similar to Cheetos! Made with 100% gouda cheese, these gouda puffs are high in fat and extremely low in carbs (making them the perfect keto-friendly snack)! 

5. Dang Foods Lightly Salted Coconut Chips

Feel like having something crunchy to eat? These coconut chips serve as the perfect crunchy, healthy, and keto snack! Eat these alone or add them on top of a keto smoothie bowl or yogurt bowl. Perfectly nutty, toasty, and sweet, these chips are highly addicting!

6. Country Archer Zero Sugar Classic Beef Jerky

Craving something salty and meaty? This beef jerky is not only keto-friendly and made with zero grams of sugar, but also packed with flavor! High in protein and fat, this jerky serves as the perfect pre or post workout snack! Bring a bag of this with you to the gym or enjoy it at home!

7. BRAMI Beans Garlic & Rosemary Italian Snacking Lupini Beans

Looking for a unique tasting and satisfying snack? Made with vinegar, garlic, and rosemary, these lupini beans are perfectly tangy and spicy. Enjoy these beans as a mid-day snack or add them on top of a keto salad for extra fats and protein!



8. Koia Chocolate Brownie Keto Beverage 

Perfectly chocolatey and thick, this beverage tastes like a melted down chocolate brownie! Enjoy this beverage as an indulgent midday pick-me-up or late-night treat. Highly suggested tip: Add this beverage, a scoop of your favorite keto chocolate ice cream, and a handful of ice into a blender to turn it into a super creamy and chocolatey keto milkshake!

9. Clean Cause Organic Sparkling Cherry Lime Yerba Mate

This bubbly yerba mate is the perfect drink to quench your thirst on a hot day. Featuring tart cherry and zesty lime flavors, this beverage is flavorful and refreshing. This drink is the perfect refresher to bring with you to the beach or pool on a hot summer day!

10. Blue Bottle Coffee Organic Bold Cold Brewed Coffee

Calling all coffee lovers and caffeine addicts! This bold cold brewed coffee is the perfect full-bodied coffee to sip on in the morning or afternoon. Enjoy this drink alone if you’re a fan of black coffee or mix it with keto milk and heavy cream to make a creamy latte!

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