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How to Keto-fy Your Friday Night

March 18, 2021 | by Parker Ewing
How to Keto-fy Your Friday Night


The work week has ended, TGIF! You flop onto your couch, prop up your feet, and think... now what? These days, it can be hard to find fun ways to celebrate and spend your free time. Luckily for you, we have 5 ideas on how to turn your Friday night from dull to dance party.


1. Cheesy Happy Hour. 

Spread out at the park, set up chairs in the yard, build a campfire. Get creative! One thing’s for sure: every good happy hour needs a killer keto cheese board. Here’s a foolproof checklist.

  • 🧀 A Soft Cheese, A Hard Cheese, + A Blue Cheese
  • 🔶 Keto-Friendly Crackers.
  • 🥓 Salami, Prosciutto, name it. Honey-smoked salmon anyone?
  • 🍇 Low-carb fruit, AKA Raspberries + Blackberries.
  • 🥜 Feeling nutty? Go for roasted peanuts, Marcona almonds, or spiced mixed nuts.
  • 🍸 Olives! Olives, galore!
  • 🍫 Last (but definitely not least), something sweet! Our Fat Snax Cookies are the perfect addition to any cheese board. 



2. Sunset Bike Ride.

Golden hour is calling! One of the best ways to kick off the weekend is by getting a sweet taste of the outdoors. Don’t forget a snack for the road!


3. Munchy Movie Night.

Netflix Party synchronizes your video playback and adds a group chat to any show or movie you watch. You’re welcome. And don’t forget the munchies! Nothing goes better with Netflix than chocolate + ice cream, right?


4. Gung-ho Game Night.

Board games. Charades. Chubby Cookie (like Chubby Bunny, but make it keto). Nothing says the weekend like a little friendly competition! 

5. Sweet Spa Retreat.

Unwind with a Free Online Yoga Class and/or a Guided Meditation, throw on a face mask, and listen to some relaxing tunes... 

We hope these ideas get you excited for the weekend! Don’t forget to snag a pic of your Friday night munchies and send it our way to @eatfatsnax or Cheers! 💛