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How to Grill a Cookie

July 01, 2020 | by Prairie Broughton
How to Grill a Cookie


...just kidding! You probably shouldn’t do that. Despite their perfectly-circular, patty-like shape, your Snax may catch fire or melt away, which would be the epitome of snack tragedy 😔

BUT! Now that we have you here… we’ve rounded up some of our favorite keto-friendly dishes that you CAN grill up at your next backyard hang. The 7 tips we're about to give you will raise your BBQ game to a whole new level. Get grilling, Fat Snax Fam!


1. Grill a salad

Yep, you read that right. Grilling a head of lettuce (romaine is best) only takes a few minutes and adds a layer of flavor to your salad that you never knew you needed! 

2. Customize your kabobs

Kabobs are an easy way to serve a whole meal on a stick! Just stack up your favorite veggies  and marinated meats, and grill away. We recommend bell peppers, onions and steak. Sprinkle with cheese for a low-carb cheesesteak on-a-stick!

3. Char your ‘cados

We all know that avocados are the GOAT, but have you ever thought to grill them? Grilled Stuffed Avocados take on a smoky flavor from the grill, and are perfect for vegetarians yearning for something more than mushrooms or veggie burgers at their next BBQ.

4. Bite into cauliflower (steak)

Look no further for the perfect keto side dish to serve at a BBQ. By cutting a cauliflower into “steaks”, it creates a flat surface that can be easily grilled. Top with a punchy sauce like chimichurri for a flavor-filled side that even meat-lovers will devour.

5. Wrap it up

Foil packets are the BBQ answer to a “one-pot” meal. Simply wrap your favorite proteins and vegetables in a layer or two of tin foil, and place on the grill to cook. In no time, you’ll have a complete meal with super easy clean up—talk about a win-win!

6. Try international flavors

Tired of using the same old marinades for your meats? Look for inspiration globally, like these Indian-inspired Chicken Tikka Wings, or Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork.

7. Go sweet instead of savory

Grilling fruits like peaches, pineapples, or even watermelon brings out their natural sweetness and adds a delicious caramelized flavor. Try as a simple dessert topped with keto ice cream, or serve alongside your favorite meats for an unexpected pairing.


As for how to prepare your Fat Snax (since we’ve determined that grilling won’t work), may we suggest keto ice cream sundaes? Or a dollop of fresh whipped cream? Paired with that grilled fruit we just mentioned? My mouth is watering typing this... 

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