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15 Hilarious Places to Hide Your Snax

June 24, 2020 | by Abby Power
15 Hilarious Places to Hide Your Snax


If you’re as big of a snack-fanatic as we are, you’ve probably earned yourself a bit of a rep with your friends and family as the person who ALWAYS has snacks on them. As the legendary Beyoncé said: "I got Fat Snax in my bag, swag." 🎶😉

While this is an awesome thing to be known for, it can also be a total drag when everyone assumes that they’ll be able to snag some snacks from you. While you could theoretically buy some “distraction snacks”—aka, food that you have on hand to keep other people happy and far away from your favorite Snax—we’d like to propose something even better.

Hide. Your. Snax. Nope, it’s not extreme. It’s necessary. 💯

Luckily, we're not the only ones who do this. We asked our Fat Snax Fam for their top-secret hiding spots and, we’ve gotta say, we were blown away by the lengths that our Fam will go in order to keep their goodies safe from snack swindlers and Lemony Lemon leeches. 

Without further ado, here are 15 genius and hilarious recommendations for where to hide your Snax, so you can have your cookie and eat it too!  

You can hide your Snax...

    1. In an empty soup pot. Because who’s doing any cooking during the summer anyways?? —Amber 🍳
    2. In the cookie jar. Hiding in plain sight! —Sara 🍪
    3. Taped onto the inside of the fish tank lid. This is next-level! Luckily, fish don’t eat cookies. —Joy 🐠  
    4. Hidden in a secret compartment in your car. Or as I like to call it, the cookie compartment. —Max 🚗
    5. Buried under clothes in your dresser. Nope, there’s no reason why I’ve "changed my clothes" six times today… —Jenny 👚
    6. In the flower pot. My flowers are prettiest when seen from afar. No need to get any closer to them. —Lauren 🌻
    7. Under my pillow. It actually brings a new meaning to the phrase “sweet dreams.” —Doug 🛌
    8. In the back of the freezer. Fun fact, you can absolutely freeze your Snax. —Owen ❄️️
    9. In my belly. Ok ok, so this one isn’t really a hiding spot...or is it the best hiding spot? —Abby 😂
    10. In the cleaning cabinet. Since nobody likes to clean, this may be the least-opened cabinet in the house. —Daniela 😷
    11. In my shoes. Literally nobody would ever think to look in a shoe for food. —Gisselle 👟
    12. On the tallest shelf in the cupboard that nobody else can reach. One of the many perks of being tall! —Janice 🙋 
    13. In a secret compartment cut into a book. Nothing to see here, just reading the dictionary again. —Genesee 📗
    14. Inside of the safe. Gold and diamonds are valuable and all, but nobody touches my Snax. —Mark 💸
    15. Inside of a hat. Plot twist: the hat is actually on my head. Keep your friends close and your Snax closer. — Lequisha 🎩


Now that you’ve read these suggestions, what are you waiting for? There’s no time to waste when it comes to securing your snacks. In fact, someone could be munching on your Brownie Bites as you’re reading this!! 😱 

Got any other suggestions? If you think of any more devious spots to hide your snacks, we would LOVE to hear em! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @eatfatsnax with the hashtag #HideYourSnax.


If you’re all out of Snax, we’ve got your back. Stock up here. Happy hiding!