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Going Keto? Let's Talk Cheese

November 04, 2020 | by Parker Ewing
Going Keto? Let's Talk Cheese


“Two shelves diverged in a yellow cheese-aisle / And sorry I could not eat them all…” - Robert Frost (probably)

The best thing about the keto diet is probably that you can eat cheese like it’s your day job. Because it is. Thanks to its high fat content and low amount of carbs, cheese is a perfectly delicious food that will keep you in ketosis. But, there are still a few important things to keep in mind when shopping for and eating cheese on keto. Here’s a comprehensive guide to make sure you’re on the right cheesy track! 

Let’s buy some cheese. 

When you’re shopping for cheese, there’s a couple things you’ll want to look out for. Steer clear of any cheeses with added starch or sweeteners. Pre-shredded cheeses, for example, can have starches that prevent sticking—these will add more carbs to each serving that you eat. We recommend buying whole blocks that you can slice and shred yourself. You should also keep in mind fat content when you’re in the dairy aisle. Choose full-fat cheeses whenever possible; lower-fat varieties will generally yield higher carb counts. Fat Yeah!

This is the cheese you need in your life.

Keep reading for mountains of cheesy goodness... 

  1. Goat Cheese (1oz = 0g Net Carbs, 6.3g Fat): Goat cheese is an amazing option, PLUS cheese made from goat milk contains less lactose, plus proteins that are different from cow’s milk, making it much easier to digest. 
  2. Muenster Cheese (1oz = 0.2g Net Carbs, 4.2g Fat): This is the perfect cheese for cauliflower mac & cheese.
  3. Blue Cheese (1oz = 0.3g Net Carbs, 4g Fat): Stinky in the best way. Pair your fresh veggies with chunky blue cheese dressing and dive in!
  4. Cheddar Cheese (1oz = 0.5g Net Carbs, 9g Fat): We can’t imagine life without cheddar cheese. Thankfully, we don’t have to. White cheddar doesn’t have dyes like yellow cheddar, which is a better keto option.
  5. Brie (1oz = 0.1g Net Carbs, 8g Fat): Enjoy all the soft, gooey brie that your heart desires.
  6. Mozzarella (1oz = 0.7g Net Carbs, 4.9g Fat): Light, fresh, and low-carb. So refreshing!
  7. Gouda (1oz = 0.6g Net Carbs, 8g Fat): Insanely rich, and full of smoky deliciousness. More, please! 
  8. Cream Cheese (1oz = 1g Net Carbs, 10g Fat): Bagels, who? Swap the bread for lettuce wraps, cucumber slices, jalapeño poppers, or our very own Fat Snax Crackers.
  9. Burrata (1oz = 0g Net Carbs, 9g Fat): One of the creamiest, out-of-this-world, melt-in-your-mouth cheeses. And luckily for the keto world, super low-carb!
  10. Parmesan (1oz = 0.3g Net Carbs, 2.7g Fat): Grate over zoodles, eggplant, or directly into Caesar salads for a salty, nutty bite of flavor!

TL;DR... keep it low-carb & natural. 

In sum, not all cheeses are created equal. You might want to limit or skip some altogether. Skip the canned/spray cheese and American cheese (they are highly-processed) and limit how much ricotta and cottage cheese you eat (these are much higher in carbs and protein).

Crackers: Cheese’s best friend.

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