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Your Guide to Fat Snax Cookie Flavors (And Which is Your Soulmate)

December 30, 2019 | by Emily Hwu
Your Guide to Fat Snax Cookie Flavors (And Which is Your Soulmate)

Are you ready? We don’t think you are. We’ve got four delectable candidates battling it out for your affection. Read through to discover which flavor is sure to make you cry tears of cookie joy.

Chocolate Chip (2 net carbs):

You’re into the classics—nothing wrong with that! After all, everyone says you’ve got timeless style and great taste for miles. The truth is that you prefer your daily-dose of chocolate perfectly embedded in a soft-baked cookie. On occasion, you’ve been known to dunk whole cookies into your morning coffee, for proper dunking. If you’re a smart cookie who appreciates the simple joys in life, Chocolate Chip may be the flavor for you. 

Lemony Lemon (1 net carb):

You’re a ray of sunshine, aren’t you? Life gives you lemons and you eat lemon cookies. You’re at your best when you feel rejuvenated and refreshed—people even say you give off a nice whiff of citrus as you prance on by. Summer’s your favorite season, and you’ll politely fight anyone who says otherwise. If you’re ready to tango, Lemony Lemon will happily be your dance partner (it takes two, after all).

Peanut Butter (1 net carb):

You had a PB&J in your lunchbox every day from 1st to 8th grade. You’re a number one fan of that marriage between sweet and salty, and you dream of desserts that check both those boxes. You’re fun, faithful and fearless, and you’re really just out here tryna have a good time. People question your diet of 50% peanut butter but you’re not pulled down by the haters—you know it’s true love. You’ll never have to doubt that Peanut Butter will stick with you when times get tough.

Double Chocolate Chip (2 net carbs):

You’re a choco-holic. Deep, rich, luxurious—this flavor is not for the weak of heart. You’ve made great memories with the other flavors and now you’re looking for something more serious. You crave the satisfying crunch that Chocolate Chip offers, but you need that little extra chocolate-rush to boost you out of your comfort zone and into cookie heaven. You’re ready, it’s time. Take a bite of faith. 


Can’t decide? Luckily for you, we know you’re a complex and versatile muncher, so you don’t have to choose just one. Grab a Variety Pack and get ready for some cookie speed-dating.


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