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5 Crafty Keto Recipes to Make With Your Kids

April 22, 2020 | by Emily Hwu
5 Crafty Keto Recipes to Make With Your Kids


If you have kiddos at home during quarantine, it may feel like a never-ending summer. Like many things, you may be running low on activities that’ll please the whole family (how many finger-painting parties can your soul handle?) 

To add some pizzaz to your daily routine, we’ve whipped up some keto-friendly recipes that are fun for all ages! Cause who says arts-and-crafts can’t happen in the kitchen?

Rainbow Cupcakes:

Bring the miracles of nature inside with these easy-on-the-eyes rainbow cupcakes! Split this easy keto vanilla cupcake batter into three to five bowls and add a few drops of food coloring to each one. Then, add a small spoonful of each color into lined muffin tins and pop your treats into the oven. Voilá—these pretty treats are guaranteed to add some color to your day!


PB&J Thumbprint Cookies:

If your kids are missing their gourmet school lunches, take a trip down memory lane with these PB&J Thumbprint Cookies. The winning ingredients: Fat Snax Peanut Butter cookies & homemade sugar-free jam. Not only are these fun to assemble, but they’re a perfect mid-Zoom-class snack. 


Dessert Pizza:

This recipe combines two fundamentals of childhood: pizza and collages. First, make a delicious canvas—might we suggest this Fat Snax pie crust topped with fluffy whipped cream? Then, run wild with toppings. Things like berries, nuts, chocolate, and coconut are all much easier to clean up than glitter...and much tastier too!


Animal Pancakes:

Make breakfast the ultimate family collaboration. Whip up this foolproof almond flour pancake batter, then cook up cakes of all different sizes. Challenge everyone to assemble their favorite animals using berries, whipped cream, and other fun toppings. The result: a sweet, fluffy zoo that’s fun to eat too!


Bite-sized Sundaes:

What do you get when you cross childlike wonder with an endless buffet of ice cream sundae toppings? Tummy aches for days. To get the joy of a sundae bar in a manageable portion, use a base of brownie bites! Get creative with all the fixins—if you want to top your brownie sundae with cookie crumbles, we won’t blame you for wanting the best of both worlds.

We know that entertaining the fam can be exhausting, so we hope that these ideas spark some fun for everyone. Amidst the uncertainty, we hope that you’re able to savor special moments with your family: the silly, the messy, & the sweet.