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8 Bite-Sized Facts About Our Brownie Bites

September 20, 2019 | by Emily Hwu
8 Bite-Sized Facts About Our Brownie Bites


You’re scrolling through your feed and then… a photo of a Fat Snax brownie bite catches your eye. Your mouth instantly waters. Your hands begin to quiver. You can practically taste the brownie’s crisp edges and gooey interior. You wonder: is this too good to be true? What is the truth about these heavenly, keto-friendly brownie bites?

Look no further, because we’re here with some cold hard FACTS about our brownies. The objective truth. Section B in the dessert encyclopedia. But, don’t worry, we won’t take up too much of your time. These facts are bite-sized, just like our brownies.

1. Each brownie has 0.3 net carbs. 🤯

We kept the net carb count for our brownies super low to ensure that they can easily fit into your low-carb lifestyle. You know what they say: a brownie bite a day keeps the hangry away! (...okay, maybe people don’t say that).

2. The texture is best described as “pure fudge.”

Other ways it’s been described as include “like a warm, sweet hug” and “like chocolatey-pillow, but somehow better.”

3. They’re made from squeaky clean ingredients.

Using ingredients that are the best of the best is super important to us. You’ll find that our brownie bites have absolutely no preservatives. And no sugar. Oh, and did we mention that they’re gluten-free as well?

4. They pair perfectly with ice cream… and Fat Snax cookies.

Creamy and indulgent (low-carb) ice cream beautifully compliments our rich and gooey brownies. Throw some Fat Snax cookie crumbles into the mix, and you’ve got the ultimate brownie sundae.

5. They are shelf stable for 3 months...

But we know you’ll eat them way before then 😂These decadent bites are individually packed, so dessert time can be anytime, anywhere.

6. Warm ‘em up. 🔥

Trust us on this one. A quick five seconds in the microwave can boost these brownie bites from an A+ to an A++. They will quite literally melt in your mouth.

7. Eating 5 brownies provides you with as much healthy fat as an avocado. 🥑

While our base of almond flour and coconut flour creates brownies that are packed with power, the butter adds fatty deliciousness. Did we mention we love fat? #fatyeah we did.

8. They may not be in stock long…

While we’re going to try really hard to make sure that everyone can try our brownies soon, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be in stock for long. The first people to pre-order will be the first ones to receive their boxes. It seems that everyone wants a bite of our brownies!

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We did our best to take a bite out of your questions...but if you have more questions about the brand new Brownie Bites we’re waiting patiently for your email to 😉 #FatYeah