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Are Fat Snax Really Keto-Friendly? Here’s Why.

July 01, 2019 | by Emily Hwu
Are Fat Snax Really Keto-Friendly? Here’s Why.


Are Fat Snax Really Keto-Friendly? 

The short answer is yes.

With 1-2 net carbs*, no sugar, and up to 9 grams of fat, each of our cookies is fully keto-friendly and made with clean, healthy ingredients.

But...we still wanted to flex our literary muscles, so the following is a long, drawn-out explanation of why Fat Snax will not kick you out of ketosis or raise your glucose levels. Put on your reading glasses and get ready for the ultimate Fat Snax crash course! 🤓

*Lemony Lemon & Peanut Butter have 1 net carb per cookie, and Chocolate Chip & Double Chocolate Chip have 2 net carbs per cookie. BTW, to get the net-carb count, we take the total carbs and subtract both the fiber & sugar alcohols. 



We conduct blood tests on ourselves all the time, and we can say first-hand that Fat Snax won’t spike your blood-glucose levels. We’ve even had ketogenic science leaders run blood tests after eating our cookies. Across our range of taste-testers, the results have been the same: Fat Snax cookies keep you in the ketosis green.

While your max daily-carb intake to stay in ketosis depends on a lot of individual factors (activity, height & weight, etc.), our cookies are so low in net carbs that you can absolutely have one to break your morning fast and another with your afternoon coffee (and a third for dessert if you’re feeling extra cookie-deprived). 🍪

Base Ingredients:

So, how do Fat Snax products taste so good without spiking your ketone levels? 

First, we swapped traditional boring flour for a harmonious blend of almond and coconut flours. These flours are super low-carb and add a delicious nutty-and-tropical hint that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Our cookies are also packed with 8-9 grams of healthy fats in the form of butter and sustainable palm oil to keep your body and brain fueled up and feeling incredible. 💪🏼


To create the perfect level of sweetness, we embarked upon rounds and rounds of meticulous baking-and-error. Ultimately, the sweet spot we settled on was a small blend of erythritol, xylitol, and stevia. 

For those of us who keep it low-carb or keto, having overly sweet products can be difficult to swallow (see what we did there?) That’s why Fat Snax cookies aren’t crazy sweet. And the result of our perfected blend? No blood sugar spikes, no unpleasant aftertaste, and an easy digestive process 💯

Woohoo, you’ve made it! Now you’re a Fat Snax expert! If you have any questions at all about our ingredients, our nutrition facts, or just how many cookies we taste-tested to get to this point, feel free to reach out at any time—our fabulous Fat Snax team is always chock-full of advice to give and stories to tell. 


Reach us at (347) 496-5834, at We’re in this (ketosis) together! Happy snacking!!!