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8 Reasons Fat Snax Cookies are Right for You

June 01, 2019 | by Abby Power
8 Reasons Fat Snax Cookies are Right for You


Congratulations! You found the brand new Fat Snax blog titled The Butter Lover. To kick things off, we put together 8 clear-cut reasons that Fat Snax cookies are right for you.


  1. You believe fat needs to go back into food.
  2. The word “cookie” puts an ear-to-ear grin on your face.
  3. You get just a little bit angry when co-workers bring sugary cake or donuts into the office.
  4. You won’t settle: you’re a quality person who deserves quality ingredients.
  5. You live by the mantra, “the more butter the better.”
  6. You go against the grain (gluten-free FTW).
  7. You’re always hungry for snacks.
  8. You don’t like waiting for 2 weeks for packages to arrive (ours take 2-3 days).


Does this description scream you? If so, let us delight your taste buds with a sweet snack that we know will keep you satisfied. We guarantee you’ll love our cookies, but if not, we’ll absolutely hook you up with our full money-back guarantee. Welcome to the Fat Snax Family, you cookie monster 😛