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8 Dreamy Avocado Dishes You Didn’t Know You Needed

January 11, 2020 | by Emily Hwu
8 Dreamy Avocado Dishes You Didn’t Know You Needed


Here’s a riddle for you: what’s creamy, dreamy, and green-y, and packed with up to 30 grams of healthy fats? 

Hint: we’ve all got a couple of them rolling around in the back of our fridge drawer, or sitting patiently waiting to ripen in our fruit bowl.  


...yup, it’s an avocado!! One of the trendiest foods in the past few years, and for a good reason. By now, you’re an expert at spoon-eating avocados, you add avo on your burger patties and in your lettuce wraps, and can craft an unparalleled guacamole...but we’re here with some game-changing ways that you can use your ripe ‘n ready avocados. Better yet, all of our recipes are keto-friendly and super low-carb. Let’s avoca-do this!

Keto Ice Cream with Avocado

1. In ice cream.

Here’s the scoop: use avocados as the base of your homemade ice cream to jam-pack healthy fats into your dessert. With only 5 simple ingredients, we love this rich & creamy recipe for chocolate avocado ice cream. Can you feel your mouth watering in chocolatey anticipation?


Keto Avocado Breakfast Bowl with Egg 

2. As a breakfast bowl.

Let’s face it, with massive pits at their core, avocados were basically destined to be used as bowls. Current obsession: cracking in an egg and giving our avocados a good bake. To further spice up your avocado egg cups, try topping them with cheese, veggies, or chopped ham—we promise they will not ome-let you down


Keto Roasted Veggies with Avocado

3. Mixed with roasted veggies.

We looove tossing our diced avocados in with our roasted veggies to make a simple salad that’s packed with power. The best thing about this combo is that it’s even better leftover, and tastes amazing served warm or cold. This charred broccoli and avocado salad is a great place to start. From this day forth, never again will a salad leave you feeling hangry or sad!


Keto Avocado Margarita Recipe

4. In your draaaanks.

Avocados are intoxicating as-is, but blend them into your mid-week margs and you’ll get the smoothest, most satisfying concoction. Depending on the amount of avocado you use, you can make your drink either on-the-rocks or smoothie-like...whatcha doing still reading this?? Go make yourself a keto avocado margarita!


Keto Avocado Baked Chips Recipe

5. Baked into chips.

What’s lighter than Lays, prettier than Pringles, and tastier than tortilla chips? Avocado chips!! This crispy, crunchy snack consists of only avocados, parmesan, and some seasoning. Plus, these golden delights take less than an hour to make! So, instead of popping over to the grocery store to get your late-night movie snacks, simply pop an avocado into the oven instead.

Avocado Keto Steak Sauce Recipe

6. As steak sauce.

This avocado cream looks like a face mask, which is fitting since its refreshing, savory flavor is sure to give your mouth a glow. Better yet, the recipe takes less than 5 minutes to make. Don’t stop with just steak: try drizzling the cream over zucchini noodles, any meat-dish, or crispy tofu! 


Keto Brownie with Avocado Recipe

7. In brownies.

Any sort of brownie is sure to please, but these flourless avocado brownies?! *Swoon!* The healthy fats from the avocado, nut butter, and coconut oil result in the most fudge-filled blissful bites you’ll ever experience. Trust us, you and your friends will have to square off for that last square. 

Avocado with Bacon Recipe

8. Covered with bacon.

You heard us right—you can have your avocado and eat your bacon too! These bacon and guacamole fat bombs are full of healthy fats and hearty fun, guaranteed to put a (green) smile on your face. With this recipe, you can impress your guests, or meal-prep yourself some killer snacks.


There you avoca-go (are you done with our puns now?) We hope you feel inspired to go out into the kitchen and create something fat-filled & fabulous!! As always, email us at or text (347) 496-5834 with any questions 🥑🎉


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